never content

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26 gillian frances :: pools, a collection


25 joni void + n nao :: simulateur de reve lucide
24 sereno :: three movements           


23 estel luz :: cycles
22 amar lal :: lest we forget
21 vanessa :: sou
20 brian bo :: here and other songs

19 zachary paul :: summons
18 lush agave & wild anima :: hidden eden
17 absolute fantasy :: healing & dealing


16 channelers & ki oni :: realm of twilight
15 patrick shiroishi :: (holy alone)

14 there are no thieves in this town :: all the luck in the world


13 amar lal :: gardening
12 dustin wong :: seasons
11 lush agave :: songs for a moon
10 alexia avina :: all that i can’t see
09 smileswithteeth :: care

08 simulcast :: los angeles ends 
07 sonoda :: karaoke life
06 holy pink :: meditation hymns for an electronic age
05 alexia avina :: betting on an island 
04 soul worm :: headbee 

03 mutual benefit :: i saw the sea
02 there are no thieves in this town :: memory changes
01 cuddle formation :: here i’ll be forever

 “the most meaningful and meticulous cassette packaging i’ve come across...its own talisman to the monotony of society” -tabs out

never content is an interdependently organized and community-minded cassette label based in los angeles. the artists here are our family and each release represents a canonical piece of process within our lives. we specialize in limited edition cassettes, zines and compact discs paired with homemade companion objects like herb pouches, essential oils, teas, gemstones, journals and art prints. we also organize local events to support our adjascent communities and organizations. overall, we operate with the understanding that art is a vehicle for social transformation, collective liberation, and hope that our contributions help to illuminate these worlds.

despite our individual obscurity, every artist involved with the label has been present within interdependent arts ecosystems for some time. we’ve run our own community spaces, organized numerous festivals, have toured the country via house shows + diy spaces for most of our lives, been part of nationwide direct action coalitions, held mutual aid organizing above all else, and generally have a wild amount of knowledge and stories to share. if you’d like advice on self-releasing, touring for your first time, or are wondering how you can constructively participate in your local scene, please say hello and we’d love to offer some of our own inspirations. if you’re a journalist who’d like to receive advance downloads of our releases or a buyer who’d like to carry our wares in your shop, please be in touch. anything else? we’re here for you. 

lastly, we own a tough little mackie pa that previously belonged to peaking lights.  in the spirit of pa shares throughout the country we’d like to keep it communal for use within the city of los angeles. be in touch if you’re in need of amplification for an event and if our schedules align we’d love to provide your sound at an affordable sliding scale cost. from the beach to the desert it has served the people well. be well.

nevercontentclub (at) gmail (dot) com

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we’ve made so many close friends over the years and hold deep appreciation for the likeminded & kindred spirits we have yet to cross paths with. here are a handful of the labels and communities that have been formative along our journey.

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