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16 channelers & ki oni                 realm of twilight
15 patrick shiroishi                   (holy alone)

14 there are no thieves...                            all the luck in the world


13 amar lal                                                            gardening
12 dustin wong                          seasons
11 lush agave                           songs for a moon
10 alexia avina                         all that i can’t see
09 smileswithteeth                      care

08 simulcast                            los angeles ends 
07 sonoda                               karaoke life
06 holy pink                            meditation hymns...
05 alexia avina                         betting on an island 
04 soul worm                            headbee 

03 mutual benefit                                                i saw the sea
02 there are no thieves...               memory changes
01 cuddle formation                                            here i’ll be forever

lush agave

holy pink
alexia avina
‘all that i can’t see’

edition of 50
+ a homemade postcard
sent from amar

edition of 50
+ package of seeds
to nurture growth

edition of 100
+ homemade herb pouch
grown in our garden

out of stock

edition of 25
+ los angeles ends zine
for sharing landscapes

out of stock

patrick shiroishi’s
(holy alone)

edition of 20
  + hand stamped, numbered
and painted

~ out of stock ~

edition of 100
+ on hand marbled cassettes
with a small homemade journal

edition of 100
+ acetate print
to watch over

edition of 50
+ homemade essential oils
for aromatherapy

out of stock 

    there are no thieves in this town’s                  all the luck in the world

                      edition of 50
     + a unique salvaged family photo

                   ~ out of stock ~

edition of 50
+ a homemade
rose petal candle

edition of 50
+ stones from joshua tree
for warmth and seclusion

edition of 50
+ shells from the pacific
to bring you with us

out of stock  

edition of 100
+ a chamomile tea blend
for your listening

edition of 100
+ homemade friendship bracelet
to bring us closer

edition of 50
+ a homemade pillow
for creature comforts

out of stock

never content is an independently run and community-minded cassette label based in los angeles. the artists here are our family and each release represents a canonical piece of work within our lives. we specialize in limited cassette editions that come with homemade companion objects like herb pouches, essential oils, desert stones, and art prints. we also organize local events to support our communities and organizations we care about. overall we operate with the understanding that art is a vehicle for social transformation, collective liberation, and hope that our actions and artists contribute as well as introduce others to the dialogue.

most of us have been present within our interdependent communities for some time. we’ve operated our own arts spaces, been part of direct action commitees, diy toured to a degree that feels like we’re part of a larger travelling ideology summit, and generally have a wealth of knowledge to share. if you would like to release your music physically and feel overwhelmed by the process say hello and we can suggest independent labels or share tips for self-releasing. if you’ve daydreamed about touring say hello and we can share stories, inspirations, and right directions. if you’ve just moved somewhere and don’t know the landscape, we might. because of the intimate scale of this label we can not currently take submissions but would still love to listen to what you’re making. anything else? we’re here for you.

lastly, we own a tough little mackie pa.  in the spirit of pa shares throughout the country we’d like to keep it communal for use within the city of los angeles. be in touch if you’re in need of amplification for an event and if our schedules align we’d love to provide your sound at an affordable sliding scale cost. from the beach to the desert it has served the people well. talk soon.